Mithril(MITH)在过去 24 小时内涨幅超73.64%,最新价格0.0055美元





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Mithril(MITH)在过去 24 小时内涨幅超73.64%,最新价格0.0055美元,成交量达$3,494,371美元,估算总市值超$5,613,919美元,目前市值排名第2655名。


Mithril(MITH)has increased by more than 73.64% in the past 24H. The latest price is 0.0055 with trading volume of $3,494,371 and a total market value of $5,613,919. It currently ranks 2655th in market value.


近24小时最高价:$0.00635美元,近24小时最低价: $0.003218美元,流通供给量1,000,000,000 MITH

The highest price in the past 24H:$0.00635US Dollar, the lowest price in the past 24H:$0.003218 US Dollar, and the circulating supply is 1,000,000,000 MITH 百科

Mithril 是个去中心化的社交媒体平台,借助区块链技术来回馈内容生产者的贡献。秘银要构筑的是一个以秘银币为核心的完整的生态系。人们可以透过秘银挖矿获得秘银币、轻松管理自己的资产、并将秘银币用于各种生活场景。详情百科点击: Encyclopedia

Mithril is a decentralized ecosystem on the ethereum blockchain. It is a system that rewards users who engage in “social mining”. Mithril rewards users for the impact their content may have in viewers and the popularity it attracts, such as number of likes and views. In the blockchain network and cryptocurrency, Mithril is a very innovative idea that aims to change the way we think about social media entirely. This particular innovation will decentralize and reward social media content creators in a fair and open way.The process of building a social media platform from the scratch is a long, rigorous and exhausting one. Even though blockchain based social media platforms are not new innovations, they usually cannot interact with existing platforms. The Mithril integration protocol permits MITH mining on all social media networks. Therefore, Mithril can also leverage existing sites for their own purposes. In addition, it permits content influencers to make use of their pre-existing followers network to mine Mithril. This acts as a big plus to the Mithril ecosystem. It requires less stress and work than establishing followers on an entirely new platform. It also helps Mithril to have an edge and a bigger pool of users. This means that, content providers only need to start making use of the Mithril integration protocol in order to make more money.. For details, please click,




近24时 : +73.64%

近1月: +206.08%

近3月: +832.46%

近1年 : +2677.26%


Historical increase and decrease

Last 24 hours : +73.64%

Nearly 1 month: +206.08%

Nearly 3 months: +832.46%

Last 1 year: +2677.26%



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Current market trend:

BTC current price: $20,733.6

ETH current price: $1,537.92

BNB current price: $297.78


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