EVER在过去 24 小时内涨幅超78.62%,最新价格0.1163美元





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EVER在过去 24 小时内涨幅超78.62%,最新价格0.1163美元,成交量达$8,390,232美元,估算总市值超$203,140,126美元,目前市值排名第167名。


EVER has increased by more than 78.62% in the past 24H. The latest price is 0.1163 with trading volume of $8,390,232 and a total market value of $203,140,126. It currently ranks 167th in market value.


近24小时最高价:$0.1204美元,近24小时最低价: $0.05836美元,流通供给量1,734,499,793 EVER

The highest price in the past 24H:$0.1204US Dollar, the lowest price in the past 24H:$0.05836 US Dollar, and the circulating supply is 1,734,499,793 EVER.



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Everscale 是第 5 代的第 1 层 PoS 区块链网络。它是技术最先进的区块链网络之一,这并非营销夸张。Everscale 融合了近年来所有的区块链创新和概念。它的多功能性有助于它发展成为许多区块链和资源需求型应用程序(如 GameFi、DeFi、微交易、实时竞价等)的去中心化中心。详情百科点击:https://www.bi123.co/ssr/wiki


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Everscale is a layer-1 PoS blockchain network of the 5th generation. It is one of the most technologically advanced blockchain networks, and that is not a marketing exaggeration. Everscale incorporates all of the blockchain innovations and concepts of recent years. Its versatility helps it to develop as a decentralized hub for lots of blockchains and resource-demanding applications such as GameFi, DeFi, micro-transactions, real-time bidding, etc. For details, please click,https://www.bi123.co/ssr/wiki/




近24时 : +78.62%

近1月: +383.53%

近3月: +410.82%

近1年 : +1548.28%


Historical increase and decrease

Last 24 hours : +78.62%

Nearly 1 month: +383.53%

Nearly 3 months: +410.82%

Last 1 year: +1548.28%



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Current market trend:

BTC current price: $23,277.27

ETH current price: $1,594.26

BNB current price: $307.92


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