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I’m so excited I was gonna come on without my eyebrows but I’m like you know what you guys are gonna see me without them regardless so we’re just gonna start with eyebrows on we’re gonna tap out today <a href=”https://www.pinkiou.com/product/pinkiou-two-head-3d-eyebrow-manual-pen-permanent-makeup-machine-handmade-cosmetic-microblading-tattoo/”>microblading tools near me</a>, the benefit micro filling pen that I saw and I was a little bit skeptical because I have zero eyebrows and I’m very particular when it comes to eyebrow eyebrow products because not everything works I wanted to try it out on camera for the first time and show you guys two different ways that I applied it so you guys have some versatility with the product and to see if this lasts all day long on my very oily skin <a href=”https://www.pinkiou.com/product/pinkiou-two-head-3d-eyebrow-manual-pen-permanent-makeup-machine-handmade-cosmetic-microblading-tattoo/”>microblading tool</a>.If you’re interested in seeing how today goes down using the brand new benefit brow micro filling pen, please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel I post videos like this all the time without further ado, let’s get started, hey guys so let’s start this is how I look with no makeup on nothing on this is how my brows look super spars.Super light they’re just barely there pretty much I’ve always had my brows have always been like this they’ve been thick, but with very very fine fine hair and they’re not even but girl, we make the man okay, I’m gonna try out the new brow micro filling pen from benefit cosmetics, if you guys saw my updated brow routine I’ve been using got to be glue as my brown Joe I’ll link it up in the cards so you guys can see what I’m talking about love, love benefit brow products, I’ve been using I’ve been using my precisely my brow pencil for about a year now and I absolutely love it, I feel like I can’t.Switch out you know when I saw that came out with this I’m like hmm. Let’s see how it works, I’ve never done this before, so I’m gonna glue, I’m gonna work with one eyebrow first and see how it works out what I’m gonna do get some of my glue.Right here I kind of rub it up against my hands I could disperse it everywhere, and then we’re gonna work with holding them up.You have to work really fast with this glue because it dries super super fast you see like.They cooperate and then what I like to do is just.This way I know what I’m working with you see all that sparse area right there coming up one more time.Making sure I get all of them and then we’re gonna. We’re gonna let this dry a little bit alright guys, so now that.A little bit smash let’s see how she works I got the shade deep brown only how for she and I always like to go with the darker shade or like the second to the darkest one, this is how she looks.Open her up. So let’s create a line click.Oh, look you see.You have to be very light so much.Alright, so let’s go oh dear.Gonna just.It feels wet.Do you see, wow.So right now I’m just doing hair like strokes and literally following the shape of the actual brow, we just glued down. Yeah.Wow.These look good.Okay, looks like a faraway rear I have a feeling I think I put too much glue on my eyebrows.SO.The only thing you don’t have a fully I wish it did. Because it does cost 25 dollars so it’s cool we’re going to school the next one owl and what I want to do is see how this works with a brow that has absolutely nothing on it.Now let me put some leftover setting powder.Just to remove any sort of.Moisture.Now let me give you info about the product.This is the benefit brow micro filling eyebrow pen, it retails for 25 dollars it creates a 24 hour micro bladed effect is waterproof much proof, the three pong tip with three different length mimic natural.Natural hair whoo, I’m heavyhanded so so now that we’re working with the brow, that’s not glued down I am just going to do flicking up motions and use a very very light hand since I’m left handed my right brow is a little bit harder to do, but I just crossed over and just start flicking up just how you want your brows to look giving it that laminae Shun look you know this part always needs a little bit eleven.I kind of like this one better, what do you guys think. The one was already gel on it.Or the other one.I wish you guys were here to tell me. You have to go somewhere today, so I’m gonna remove one off.Um, should I just go with two different problems.You know what, forget it, we’re gonna go with two different browsers on.Okay, let’s just see what we can fix here. Let’s see, should I should I.Let’s just go the end.The right brushing it doesn’t do too much.Alright, let me get like super close alright, this is close guys know rajon.Bravo.Hmm, alright guys, so I let it set for about a minute or two, and this is how we’re looking they’re pretty dry.Guys, if you hear screeching noises, my legs going back and forth I try to talk when I hear it does, but you know sometimes it’s not. I really like the ease of it was super easy to maneuver I have a heavy hand, so that’s why I won’t use those pens like the glossier boy I don’t know what the pen is called but it looks like an eyeliner and it’s like so you can flick it up, so this is really my first time using something like this.And I will say try it, two different ways, it worked pretty much consistently the same both ways I think I prefer the non jailed down brow, but there isn’t much of a difference, so cool, I’m gonna clean them up show you guys and.Let’s do it, I’m gonna use these right here and something I love about benefit brow pencil is that it has a lot of pigment, there’s a lot of wax in it, wax tends to pull hairs out.Eyebrow hair whatever hair you have.So that’s why I kind of having used the any anastacia in beverly hills products because I just felt like my brows are always just looking bald real robots and then when I started using this one I never really have those sparse issues.So again, I feel like this just has so much freaking pigment, the moment you touch your skin like you guys saw on my hand, the moment it touches your skin, you get it like you don’t even have to work it out, you don’t have to warm it up, you have to do any of that so that bomb makes both of these concealers together I’m using the makeup Shack seventy seven seven brush make it really fit up the road.Follow the natural shape you want to make sure your breath don’t have a lot of product because you don’t want it to smear all upon your brow. Without dipping back in we’re gonna go up top.I do.I’m not doing it to me I didn’t create any really sharp real sharp lines.You get a brush.And just blend it out.Actually guys now that I’m really looking at it I think I like the one that I said first I don’t know it’s something about. It doesn’t look perfect it doesn’t have sharp line that doesn’t have any of that and I feel like this one has more sharp lines.Like you see this right here I don’t know.I think after looking at it I think I yeah I think I like the one that gel down first.But it’s cool we’re actually going to jail both fell down.Let’s go with the one we didn’t gel down first.Alright, so this is how they look guys.I’m liking the first one I will say but they don’t look bad, neither one looks bad depending on what your style is as you guys know I always like to give you a bunch of options for at least two.So yeah guys, this is I’m gonna put a little bit of makeup on I’m not gonna do anything too much, because my eyebrows are just very fluffy and not too structured and beard, hi guys we’re gonna ignore what’s happening right now, as I was starting my makeup I just forgot I was thinking to show you guys how the brows look in front of sunlight, well you know in front of my window, but this is how they look.This is the one we gel down first and then this is the second one they look pretty good huh, see you in the studio, the one right there alright guys I’m back, you guys saw me look a little crazy in the window, but I wanted to show you guys how the brows look in sunlight, especially with no makeup on because I feel like the point of this product is to give you more of a natural brow that you can rock with no makeup or with a full on beat that I wanted to do something very very soft I just put concealer on set a little bit of blush. Pretty much that’s it, and yeah I am liking this product even more like the more I look at my brows, the more I like the product, I feel like it’s very versatile like you guys saw you can work it both ways, set your eyebrows, first you don’t have to use wig glue but guys, this is bomb or not set it and just get a more of a fluffier, I feel like more of a natural brow, but you guys saw how I started off I have no brow and I pretty much have to pay them on and make them look like sisters and they look they’re pretty even today, so we’re having a good eyebrow day which is always always perfect or first impression guys it’s 1111 so it is the morning time, you guys know I have oily skin and it’s very talent to see how the brows look at the end of the day because with oily skin pretty much just could wipe off if you just literally you wipe your face or just rub your face or run your hand accidentally in front of your face girl, sometimes my eyebrows are gone right here, so that’s very telling that.Very very important for me for my eyebrows to stay all day long.When I mean all day, I mean all day, so we’re gonna see how it works so far I really really like the product, but I can’t really tell.If it doesn’t last all day, why not spend 25 dollars okay.But yeah I will see you guys later, bye, hey guys I am back so it is nine o’clock in the evening or close to it, and I’ve had the eyebrows on for ten full hours and look.They are still away within a month. This here is a eyebrow that we jail down first, just follow the entire motion of the brow which really became the nice full thick brow, it’s not it doesn’t have too many sharp lines or anything and this is the side, we set after and we just kind of flowed the natural hair of the eyebrow and honestly.They both look good, I’m still liking I think this one first I probably did add a little bit too much gel to the browser again because I have very fine hair I can’t really add too much product because product just going to stick onto the skin and that also happens with brown plus two so you have sparse brows, you know what I’m talking about.But honestly look.Brows are still intact, especially we look at this area because I create this part of my brow at the very beginning because as you guys saw my brows are just very short, so I feel like because I could make them longer, they just look a little bit better with my eye shapes and have big eyes and it’s they put like.This is straight up ink that I’m loving.Here you see.I love like the pigment is good, and I guess I know now why these types of brow micro filling pencil or pens, don’t come with fully because you can’t really spoil anything out like a pencil because the product once it’s on it, it kind of sticks down it’s literally like a pen.Again I haven’t used this product very like surprise, but I love it, I love it so much I don’t know what took me so freaking long to use a product like this, but you guys I’m in love I would definitely buy this again I think this is gonna be my new favorite product especially because it’s direct pick me onto your brow, a love it.But yeah guys, this is it. And this is the test let’s rub our browse to see if anything comes off.Damn look.This is an oily girls dream.A little bit came off, but look.Still there.This is usually what goes away first.