AMP 在过去 24 小时内涨幅超34.1%,最新价格0.00532美元





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AMP 在过去 24 小时内涨幅超34.1%,最新价格0.00532美元,成交量达$79,407,093美元,估算总市值超$224,606,255美元,目前市值排名第131名。


AMP has increased by more than 34.1% in the past 24H. The latest price is 0.00532 with trading volume of $79,407,093 and a total market value of $224,606,255. It currently ranks 131th in market value.


近24小时最高价:$0.00565美元,近24小时最低价: $0.003955美元,流通供给量42,227,702,186 AMP

The highest price in the past 24H:$0.00565 US Dollar, the lowest price in the past 24H:$0.003955 US Dollar, and the circulating supply is 42,227,702,186 AMP 百科

面向用户的去中心化应用的首要问题是 UX。AMP 即为简化用户体验,提供尽可能无缝操作的工具,构建明晰并节省时间的界面。。详情百科点击: Encyclopedia

Amp is described as the new digital collateral token offering instant, verifiable assurances for any kind of value transfer. Using Amp, networks like Flexa can quickly and irreversibly secure transactions for a wide variety of asset-related use cases. For details, please click,



AMP 历史最高涨跌幅

近24时 : +34.1%

近1月: +86.03%

近3月: +86.03%

近1年 : +1235.52%


Historical increase and decrease

Last 24 hours : +34.1%

Nearly 1 month: +86.03%

Nearly 3 months: +86.03%

Last 1 year: +1235.52%



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Current market trend:

BTC current price: $21,092.23

ETH current price: $1,560.97

BNB current price: $299.65


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